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Repair Outlook PST Software can be used for recovering PST files with minor or severe levels of corruption.

  • Possesses capability to repair both UNICODE & ANSI PST files
  • Effectively repair Outlook PST to retrieve Hard/Soft deleted emails.
  • Original file structure preserved at the end of the repair process
  • Multiple file formats supported for saving PST file data – MSG, PST, EML
  • Windows 10 (32/64 bit) & Microsoft Outlook 2016(32/64 bit) compatible
  • Repair password protected MS Outlook PST files without any difficulty.
  • Provides Date filters to export mails from a specific time duration
  • Presence of Mail filtering feature to date-wise repair Outlook PST contents

Repair PST Tool to Remove Errors Due to Outlook PST Corruption

The PST files of MS Outlook save various types of user mailbox data such as emails, messages, contacts, calendar, tasks etc. Microsoft Outlook PST files are represented by the extension .pst and are available only locally on the computer on which MS Outlook is installed. A large percentage of email users are heavily dependent on MS Outlook for their various needs. Sometimes PST files may get corrupted due to a variety of reasons and in order to continue the service there arises a need to repair Outlook PST file.

In such cases, the only way to remove PST file error issues is to hire a software like the Repair PST tool that helps to provide access to .pst file data by allowing you to proficiently repair Outlook PST and export it multiple file formats.

The Repair PST tool is embedded with the latest scanning algorithms that deeply scan each data item to repair Outlook PST file. When scanning is completed it provides options to preview & save all mailbox items like Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Journals and Tasks in multiple file formats like PST, EML and MSG.

Overview of Features – Repair PST Tool

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Export PST into multiple formats

Save Outlook PST in Multiple Formats

During the repair process, the tool gives the option of saving the (.pst) file data(emails, calendar, tasks) into several file formats such as PST, EML, or MSG. Thus the data becomes compatible with other email clients such asThunderbird, Outlook Express & several others.

Option to divide PST

Divide Large PST Files

It is difficult to handle a large sized file so the tool can divide the .pst file into small parts so that it can be easily managed. The size of the recovered files can be adjusted by the user during the repair process.

Date-wise email filtering

Filter Emails Date-wise

Repair PST tool is capable of filtering messages by date order. After defining a particular time period, the emails within that time can be obtained. This greatly saves time as you don't have to wait for the all the emails to be recovered till the Repair Outlook PST software ends execution.

Hierarchy unchanged

No changes in File Tree Structure

After software concludes successful repair corrupt Outlook PST files, the tree structure in the new file is the same as that of the original file. As the user is familiar with the order in which data is stored, it becomes very easy to find the desired data.

Free preview of recovered PST
Free of Cost PST Preview

The Outlook recovery software does not make any changes to the formatting of the different data items when it starts to repair Outlook PST. It also maintains the metadata for all the contents of the file.

File formatting intact
Maintains File Formatting

No changes are made by the tool to the formatting of the different data items present in the damaged Outlook PST file to be repaired. The Repair PST tool also keeps the metadata intact for all the contents present in the .pst file

CSV report generated
CSV Report Created

A CSV report is produced when the repair of broken PST file is completed by Repair Outlook PST software. This report consists of information about the various contents of the file in the form of a spreadsheet. This helps in summarising the activities performed.

Dual repair modes
Two Modes of Repair

The Repair PST tool gives solutions for both minor as well as major cases of .pst corruption. For the repair of files which are damaged to a small extent, the Normal mode can be used. Other cases where corruption is severe can be handled by Advanced mode.

Repair multiple PST together
Repair Several PST files

The software possesses the capability to process and repair corrupt PST file in bulk. This functionality is provided by the help of Batch Mode which gives the option of Search All and Selected Drive.

Outlook Error Messages Due to Corrupt PST
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Sometimes users may encounter difficulties while accessing their data present in PST file The file may cease to open and one of the following error messages may be displayed-
  • The file xxxx.pst cannot be found
  • Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window
  • xxxx.pst cannot be accessed - error code 0x80040116.
  • Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file
A Video Tutorial displaying the working of Repair PST Tool
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Use the Trial Version of Repair PST Tool before going for Licensed Software
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The Repair PST software is also available as a trial utility to effectively repair Outlook PST files that have been damaged or corrupted. The trial version of the Tool can easily manage large number of files and retrieve data and finally export it to various different types of email client formats such as MSG, PST, EML and Office 365. The trial version provides limited functionality and repairs only 25 items per folder of PST file. To avail full features it is recommended to go for the Licensed version which is available at an afforable price.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Qustions on Outlook PST Recovery
I have a PST file whose contacts have been deleted permanently and I want to recover them. Can I get back my deleted contacts from a PST file?
Yes, the Repair Outlook PST Tool can recover deleted contacts as well as emails, calendars, tasks, notes from PST files.
Do I require Outlook to be installed before I start to repair corrupt Outlook PST file?
No, the Repair PST Tool does not need you to have Outlook preconfigured and installed before starting off with the Repair PST process.
I am using older versions of Outlook and I have an ANSI PST to be repaired. Can the software help in repairing ANSI type PST?
Yes, the software supports ANSI PST and also it can easily repair Outlook PST of both ANSI and UNICODE type files.
Whenever I'm trying to access my PST files, I'm getting the message The file xyz.pst is not a personal folders file. What should I do to get rid of this?
You're getting this message because your PST file has been corrupted. To remove the damage done to the files and to repair Outlook PST make use of the specialized Repair PST Tool.
Will my original PST file attachments and formatting get lost after the repair process?
No, the Attachments and formatting of your original, damaged file will be preserved in the new file after the tool finishes its process to repair Outlook PST files.
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